Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Brimming Over

My husband informed me (after the blog post had been up a week or so & the newspaper ad was printed) that you can't be "filled to the brim." The grammatically correct way to use this phrase would be JB Knacker is brimming over w/ all things spring...or JB Knacker is filled to the rim w/.... My grammatical error was out there for all to witness. I tried to brush it off and pretend I didn't care, I mean who's that fussy. But secretly, I was a little nervous thinking I might receive a wise-crack comment on the blog about my horrendous phraseology or have a customer wander in for our Spring Fever Event not to shop, but just to gawk at the moron who wrote "filled to the brim!" So now it is my turn to catch the husband using a verb in the wrong tense or mispronouncing a big word...I can't wait.

Just to let you know, Spring Fever was unbelievable!! First of all, I would like to thank the weather as it was drizzly and overcast all day. I do believe this helps as it cuts down on a lot of activities one could be doing if it were a beautiful day. I would like to think that our wonderful customers couldn't have cared less (or is it could have cared less?) about the weather and were going to make it to JB no matter what! Thank you husband who helped me carry, clean, fix, haul, hang and all other sorts of action words until 11:00 pm Friday night...then he got tired and left (in his defense, we did have a teenage daughter who was very tired of babysitting the other kids). Thank you Tawnya & Rob who also did many of the action words that husband did on a Friday night when they could have been doing something way more fun and couple-like! Thank you Mom, Janice and Robyn for bringing splendid little spring-inspired goodies in for our customers to enjoy!! And thank you teenage daughter, Clare for babysitting and making the best carrot cake cupcakes! And thanks to my old out-of-shape body for pulling an all-nighter w/ grace & courage (I say this because in the past, little noises in the 120yr old shop have made me run very fast out of the shop never to return until the sun has emerged). But I knew this wasn't an option as so many things had to be done before the doors opened at 10 am.

It was magic. Customers loved the old scales and metal adjustable stools, chandeliers and primitive turquoise drawers, gingerbread from old porches and galvanized seed sifters, old metal greeting card displays and bouquets of flowers, homemade grapevine & rosemary bird nests, lace panels and cutter quilts, Blessed Mother statuary and typewriter key charms....

So my final and very heart-felt thank you goes out to our customers who came out in droves and from near & far with encouraging words & hugs & excited chatter & the will and the want to purchase to freshen their homes for spring!! Spring fever is alive & well in central Iowa and elsewhere...don't let anyone tell you differently (or is it "different?").