Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's Gonna be a Good One...Flea Market this Saturday, July 23rd !

I do believe I was supposed to have a picture of the flea market cart that will be raffled off at 2:30ish on Saturday afternoon.  A picture was just not in the cards today!  Instead, close your eyes and envision a black wire cart w/ ultra-precision wheels, luxurious rubber-grip bar...ok, ok, this is what it's all about - if your name is drawn from the galvanized bucket (have to be present to win) you get a great flea market cart (thank you Kay at Barntiques) to stash all of your flea market finds; a very cool and urban canvas # pillow w/ typewriter key tag to curl up w/ in the back of your pick up when your flea buddy has to go back for just one more find; a pretty prairie bouquet in a classic old canning jar; and a stash of great decorating books and magazines!

Our flea market vendors are set...10 of them...really talented and sweet people.  And even though the old shop has schlepped through this week without a pinch of air conditioning, my heating & cooling guy says it will be ready to go on Saturday!  My week of gathering was not hampered a bit by the numerous meetings w/ various mechanics who had never, ever seen a blower motor like the one in my, not a bit.  The hampering crept in more of the homemaking/good mothering skills...timely meals, washed dishes or clothes, swept floor, uncluttered porch, bathed children...not-so-much!

Thankfully, I've left a nice chunk of work yet to be done on Friday...but we'll be ready!  If the crowd is as large as the last flea market (June 25th) and the rain holds off, we will be checking out in the kitchen of the shop as well as outside.  There are fun places to be checked out on Saturday (and we'll have fliers to 'em all), but we want you to return for the BIG drawing as well as one last swoop through the vendors and shop.  Then stay if you can...JB Knacker will slowly shut down by 3ish...we'll pull up a chair, open some cheap wine or crappy beer and enjoy a good small town car & tractor show...would love to have you by the old place! 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Big Day in Gilbert next Saturday!

Small towns have a way of throwing a really good party!  And that's what we're up to in Gilbert next Saturday, July 23rd.  The JB Knacker Flea Market is back with wonderful vendors in the side yard of the shop from 10am-3pm...Tracy from Once Was, Sarah from Mama Peacock, Tricia from Vintage 35, Mary, Becky and Lara (who haven't named themselves yet), Jodi from Smil'in Moon (maybe...Jodi if you see this call me and confirm), Tawnya's cupcakes from the Ames Cupcake Emporium and several other quality vendors!  If you were at the Flea Market on June 25th, you'll know what I am talking about...awesome vendors!  JB Knacker will be a "new" shop inside...we have to be 'cause we've sold down to the bare bones...this is going to be a fun week of gathering!!  Cold blueberry infused lemonade will be on tap all day.

We're also going to have directions to 3 great barns that are opening their big old doors and letting the vintage tumble out next Saturday:  Carter Station w/ special guest Rusty Pumpkin will be in Story City; Barntiques in Nevada and Ted's Shed in Woolstock!

Head back to JB Knacker near the end of the afternoon (2-3pm) and put your name in the drawing for a flea market cart ~ or as we call it a junker's survival kit (it will be stocked w/ some fun stuff).  You have to be present to win.  We'll draw at 3pm and then relax a bit before the tractor show begins at 4pm on Main Street...I'm thinking crappy beer and cheap wine.  So, to be legal and all, BYOB/BYOW...some good old Schlitz, Milwaukee's Best or even Boone's Farm will do nicely.  I'll have some trashy snacks (but good eats) like Ritz and cheese in a can.  There will be food down the street at Open Flame and then a band/street dance at 8pm!  What a fun little town!!

Leave a comment and let me know you're coming!