Monday, August 16, 2010

A Studio Night

You are invited to a fun yet relaxing evening at the shop on Monday, August 30th from 6-8pm.  A time to enjoy beverages and nibbles, shop a new palette of textures & colors, and then nestle in to share ideas...plan fun workshops, create our studios and just chat about wild dreams.

We have pulled through some historic weather and just plain tough times this year as a community.  We have prayed and helped a family or two going through a rough time.  At the last event, you donated bags and bags of canned goods, paper goods and baby items to The Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry in Story City.  And your response to Kevin's cards at the shop has allowed him to donate even more items to the food pantry!

So on this night, I want you all to relax, mingle w/ friends, glean and share ideas all in a fun creative atmosphere.  I also have a selfish request on this night... help me get pumped up for the Junk Bonanza ~ the big show in Minnesota on September 16-18th.  Tell me what items you would love to see if you were going (and many of you are!).  What colors and items get your heart beating faster and what type of display would make you run to get to it first.

I might even sneak in an entrepreneur or two to talk a bit about how they got started in their venture, their biggest fears and the "thing" that happened that surprised them most.

The shop doors will open at 6 pm.  Shopping and wild mingling (or is it wild shopping and mingling) from 6-7pm.  Settling in at about 7pm-ish in the front room for swapping of ideas, dreams and plans to keep us going through the next season and beyond!

Drop me a quick line ( and let me know if this is an evening you can't live without...can't wait!  


Friday, August 6, 2010


Just a needed pause in the activities...and some thank you's...

A big "THANK YOU!" to all of JB's customers who came out on July 24th for the last Breakfast Club of the season.  And a thank you for those generous customers who brought a donation to the Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry in Story City...canned goods, diapers, paper towels and all sorts of food items were donated and will be soooo appreciated! Wonderful vendors in our side yard on that day were Sarah, Kristen, Ted, Nannette, Tracy and my "little girls."  They had great booths!!   We also had a fun, creative workshop a few days before the Breakfast Club consisting of a little soldering and a little stamping and resulting in some great necklaces!!  Thank you to all who participated.

 The shop continues to do a brisk business, turning over great old stuff at a fast clip.  The Junk Bonanza (you know the big show in Shakopee, MN) is right around the corner for me.  It makes me lose sleep at night w/ all of the ideas going through my head for the shop and the show!  JB Knacker will be closed on Wednesday, September 15th as we load the truck in the wee hours of the morning and just maybe (quite possibly) leave the shop in shambles.  We'll be closed just this one little elves can come in and spruce it up!  I would love to see you at the Bonanza.  It's not too far away and is the best sort of overwhelming you can imagine!

 Just so I don't get too caught up on all that I need to get done, I am planning a little evening get-together at the end of August.  A Monday evening...maybe August 30th...just thinking out loud evening about where we create.  It will be a mix of entrepreneur stuff and studio stuff.  An evening where we can think outside of and around the box.  The kids will have settled back into their routine and the smell of autumn will just be creeping into the air.  A great time to get a kick start into what we do so well...Nesting.  What is your nest going to look like as we head into another Iowa winter.  Let's look forward to this time of the year together!  I will send out the information very if you're not on the email list...get on it ASAP!