Monday, August 16, 2010

A Studio Night

You are invited to a fun yet relaxing evening at the shop on Monday, August 30th from 6-8pm.  A time to enjoy beverages and nibbles, shop a new palette of textures & colors, and then nestle in to share ideas...plan fun workshops, create our studios and just chat about wild dreams.

We have pulled through some historic weather and just plain tough times this year as a community.  We have prayed and helped a family or two going through a rough time.  At the last event, you donated bags and bags of canned goods, paper goods and baby items to The Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry in Story City.  And your response to Kevin's cards at the shop has allowed him to donate even more items to the food pantry!

So on this night, I want you all to relax, mingle w/ friends, glean and share ideas all in a fun creative atmosphere.  I also have a selfish request on this night... help me get pumped up for the Junk Bonanza ~ the big show in Minnesota on September 16-18th.  Tell me what items you would love to see if you were going (and many of you are!).  What colors and items get your heart beating faster and what type of display would make you run to get to it first.

I might even sneak in an entrepreneur or two to talk a bit about how they got started in their venture, their biggest fears and the "thing" that happened that surprised them most.

The shop doors will open at 6 pm.  Shopping and wild mingling (or is it wild shopping and mingling) from 6-7pm.  Settling in at about 7pm-ish in the front room for swapping of ideas, dreams and plans to keep us going through the next season and beyond!

Drop me a quick line ( and let me know if this is an evening you can't live without...can't wait!  



Old Crow Farm said...

Sounds like so much fun!! I have missed you so much. Summer has just passed me by. I have been so sad that I have not had time to make it up to see you. Hopefully, we can sneak some time in at the Bonanza to catch up! Nothing like having to go out of state to see each other:) Hope you are doing good. Back to school is here. Take care and see you soon! Jordana

Vern and Kay Fleshman said...

I want to come! I just opened the door and it was soooo nice. Cool, sun coming up. Am ready for some rejuvenatin and inspiratin! (said and sadly spelled with a southern drawl!) Anyway, Monday sounds great!

" SHABBY JUNK" said...

Like that bicycle seat jewelry display!

Anne Marie said...

yes! isn't it great how many lovely comments came my way with that post? I was overwhelmed with joy - and thanks so much for being a part of that........and for stopping by the farm!