Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Have I Not Done One of These in a While?...a Sale!

I don't think I have...a good old fashioned shop sale...say, like 20% off  of everything!  Well then, it's time!    I have been plenty busy scouring the landscape for wonderful stuff and have had the honor to have some wonderful stuff come knocking on my door!  So let me throw a few pictures out...

Fun stuff abounds...and these pictures are a few days old...since then, I have had the best time in an old barn and chicken shed (don't think too much into that)!  Oh yes, the details of the sale...

JB Knacker Shop Sale ~ Saturday, March 26th from 10 am - 3pm!  Everything in the old 2 story building and the side yard will be 20% off for this day only!

I have to brag just a little...the prices at JB Knacker are very fair...so at 20% off, you've got quite a deal on some pretty unique stuff.  This is not the frivolous stuff we've been told to stay away from by the financial advisers due to the economic down-turn...this is good old garden stuff to get the kitchen garden going and sturdy furniture that will last more than another generation and true blue mason jars w/ zinc lids and metal lockers, wire baskets, real birds' nests, cement birdbaths, crystal chandeliers, primitive wood in many forms and just plain great finds to motivate your decorating spirit as spring begins.  This sale will only be advertised on this blog, the JB Knacker Facebook page and to those of you that are on my email list...so pass the word along if you're the sharing type and thank you for keeping my job so much fun!
                                                    Hope to see you,

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring Fever Event Freebie

Just wanted to show the fun little gift w/ purchase you receive at JB Knacker's Spring Fever Event on this Saturday and Sunday (while supplies last!).

A super cute and functional garden marker stamped into embellished vintage forks & spoons...I better get going...got a lot of hammering to do!  Hope to see you at Spring Fever ~ Saturday 10am-5pm & Sunday noon- 4pm!