Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wild vs. Mild

It's been a wild winter here in central Iowa. Who was I telling this past fall that I predicted a mild winter. I guess my gut feeling isn't always right?! I was just one letter off, but oh, what trouble one letter does make! Grabbed a bunch of pictures at the shop yesterday. Enjoy...

Ivory seam-binding, fabric hearts embellished w/ keys and locks, funky jewelry displayed on an primitive hog scraper (new function), vintage chocolate boxes and perfume bottles, sequined strawberries and flower vases wrapped in wool felted "sweaters"...lots of romance and prettiness at the shop.

Our soldered charms have been a big hit especially w/ our new sarcastic line of charms. An old watch fob used as a locket...

The 7 ft harvest table w/ chalkboard top would be great for after school homework...I mean, the kids could write directly on the gosh darn table to show their work. A quick sponge down, and you're ready to set that same table for supper.

JB's # pillows are all currently sold and then some, but we are working hard to get more batches done ~ you are welcome to place your order ($42.00 for pillow cover w/ feather pillow form or $32.00 for just the pillow cover) they are first come, first serve. The exciting thing is we have new designs coming soon!

I totally have a thing for old brass stencils and vintage baubles (especially pink).

A pretty little girl w/ bangs so short and her church gloves on~love it! How about a painted drop-leaf table in the perfect shade of blue for 2010! And a wire basket filled w/ vintage clothes pins...perfect.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Breath of Fresh Air

It's time for JB Knacker to take a bit of a break from the "daily grind." I stood at the threshold of the doors on the front of the shop just as the sun was going down this evening. I took in a long, deep, cold breath and said to myself (talk to myself a lot), "Saturdays only in January will be a good thing." I looked around the front room. It will feel good to move things around and scrub floors and fix trim and hang more chandeliers.

I hope you can make it to each and every Saturday in January! Although JB Knacker will be closed during the week throughout January, that does not mean that we won't be feverishly working to bring you fresh looks and wonderful specials throughout the shop! This Saturday, January 9th will have vintage Christmas gathered onto one medium-sized farm table and priced to fly out the door! The 7 foot harvest table will be hoisted into a different well some big cabinets (one that has yet to be brought in). A beautiful painted buffet will grace our front room and several vintage metal signs will be hung on the old shop walls. Inspiration boards will get their finishing tweaks and put out w/ other fun JB Knacker originals.

Our shop hours on January Saturdays will be 10am - 5pm. I've extended the closing time until 5pm as it's just a little harder to get an early start in this frigidly cold Iowa weather. But at JB Knacker we say, "bring it on!" JB's ready for the cold weather w/ hot coffee and homemade molasses cookies waiting for you. The shop is toasty warm inside and the great finds and prices will really warm your heart! Can't wait to see you this Saturday!! Brenda