Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thanks a Bunch!

Wowzers!  What a great day Saturday was!! was the first Breakfast Club of the season, and boy oh boy, it was a good one!  A big thank you to all of the wonderful JB Knacker fans and those just curious about the whole thing that showed up.  I'm not sure I should write this, but I really, really figured only about 6-8 of you would take me up on the whole Breakfast Club Junk Tour ~ hitting all 7 stops on the tour (barns, chicken sheds and carriage houses packed w/ the good stuff ~ junk) and then returning to JB Knacker to claim your junk charm prize.  I mean, that is a time commitment...but you obviously realized how good all of these places really are.  I was prepared w/ 10 junk charm necklaces ready to roll.  You blew me away w/ 27 of you returning to JB Knacker w/ smudged, folded and slightly damp maps...signed w/ each occasional sale owner's signature.  I was creating charms and stringing them on chain faster than you could stencil a number on a galvanized bucket (and I'm not being sassy...that's about how long it took me to make each necklace).  And that makes me so happy!  I have already used about 5 exclamation points in this paragraph so far!(6)  Best day ever at JB Knacker...yep...and for that, I am grateful.  I know times are tough.  Many people are choosing to cut back on anything that does not appear to be a necessity.  So I will continue to strive to keep the shop fresh, the prices fair and the events fun and creative.  Because we all need that fun, wild outlet and cool things at good prices to snazzy up our live and our homes.

With that said, we are in full speed ahead mode...mixing up vignettes, hauling in goodies of the vintage nature and planning the next big event ~ July's Breakfast Club!  Now, this is a little confusing, but usually we do this event on the last Saturday of June and July.  But the last Saturday in July falls on an important weekend in my family life, July 24th is the next JB Knacker Breakfast club.  And we are in luck as this day just happens to be Gilbert's car & tractor show.  Not an old car & tractor enthusiast?...well, you haven't seen the Gilbert car & tractor show...I'll let it slip that in year's past, there was a calendar for sale featuring the "boys" of this said club!  It's old school plain & simple... vintage, clean fun.  It's usually 110 degrees in the shade on this day, so JB Knacker will be hosting a flea market in our beautiful shaded side yard.  There will be vendors of all kinds...vintage, hand made and foody.  We will bring the junk to you this time around.  The shop will be over-the-top impossibly crazy good!  We'll have to be with such great competition just out in the yard.  And yes, there will be some sort of prize for you.  I'm not exactly sure what you have to do to earn this prize so stay tuned...

 We just returned from another very fun and exciting experience this evening!  Former shop girl, Tawnya had her "run-through night" at her cupcake emporium ~ Yummie's Cupcake Emporium at 300 Main Street, Ames.  Can I use the word "Wowzers" again?  The food is fresh and filling...from soups & sandwiches to pasta and fruit.  The decor is decidedly 40's-50's vintage diner, and the cupcakes w/ a tall glass of cold milk...yummy!  She will be open for business in a few days, so check the place out.  You will be coming back for more (I am proud of you, Tawnya)!

Lastly, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I love being able to do what I do.  Those that returned to JB Knacker after a hot day of junking, were dear enough to give me awesome feedback..."It was soooo much fun"... "Everyone had such good stuff"...."My favorite buy from the day? would have to be the antique metal stamping kit"..."Thank you for hosting this!"

You are so welcome...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Breakfast Club ~ Saturday, June 26th

In the spirit of giving our customers what they crave, The first Breakfast Club of the season is right around the corner!  Join us Saturday, June 26th bright and early.  We throw open the old doors at 8am.  We treat you to a light breakfast.  Everything inside and outside of the shop is 20% off from 8-10am!  We then send you on your way outfitted with a map to all of the area occasional sales (barns, chicken sheds and other buildings overflowing w/ the good junk)!
      JB Knacker is open the whole day...well at least until 3pm.  So, for the truest junkers and antique mavens out there...and I mean those guys and gals that hit each and every hot spot on the map, there is a special prize for you!  Return to JB Knacker w/ your map in hand (the proof you will need to collect your prize), and we will present you w/ your "trophy!"  OK...I would love to present each and every one of you w/ a beautiful sterling silver loving/trophy cup from 1898, but instead you will be presented a funky stamped metal charm and junk necklace that will remind you of this adventure long after it's over!!
  Hope to see a big crowd bright and early!  But remember there will be more treasures brought out throughout the day at JB and what's better than a glass of lemonade under a big shady tree after a hard day of junking?!  Can't wait!