Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Breakfast Club ~ Saturday, June 26th

In the spirit of giving our customers what they crave, The first Breakfast Club of the season is right around the corner!  Join us Saturday, June 26th bright and early.  We throw open the old doors at 8am.  We treat you to a light breakfast.  Everything inside and outside of the shop is 20% off from 8-10am!  We then send you on your way outfitted with a map to all of the area occasional sales (barns, chicken sheds and other buildings overflowing w/ the good junk)!
      JB Knacker is open the whole day...well at least until 3pm.  So, for the truest junkers and antique mavens out there...and I mean those guys and gals that hit each and every hot spot on the map, there is a special prize for you!  Return to JB Knacker w/ your map in hand (the proof you will need to collect your prize), and we will present you w/ your "trophy!"  OK...I would love to present each and every one of you w/ a beautiful sterling silver loving/trophy cup from 1898, but instead you will be presented a funky stamped metal charm and junk necklace that will remind you of this adventure long after it's over!!
  Hope to see a big crowd bright and early!  But remember there will be more treasures brought out throughout the day at JB and what's better than a glass of lemonade under a big shady tree after a hard day of junking?!  Can't wait!


Jeanine Burkhardt said...

Looks Scrumptious!!! yummmmm... ~ Great outdoor backdrop... Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

Janelle - The Farmer's Wife said...

Give me a tissue - I am going to cry! I am going to miss yet another breakfast club!!!! I feel like I will never make it to one...grrrrrr!! We will be at an antique tractor show that week! :(

Have fun! Looks beautiful! Someday I will make my way up there!

thehillbillies said...

I really would like to make it down there... it sounds like so much fun!!! DH and I use to live in Kelley and Ames and would love to hit our old stomping grounds! Do you know how many sales there will be? Maybe it will make the 2 hour drive worthwhile (not that seeing your store and goodies wouldn't be!)