Monday, June 9, 2008

Did I really do this right?


I pushed a few buttons and "poof" I have a blog! I've been ringing my hands over getting this done...begging our wonderful employee's fiance, Rob, to find that little extra time in his schedule to make this blog a reality...and what do ya know, I did it myself. Life is good if it's really this simple?!

This is JB Knacker's first blog post and I will be doing most of the posting as I promised Julie I would. As a lot of you already know, JB Knacker consists of two women (Julie & Brenda - me) who had that know the one to be creative and make money while still juggling wifely duties and child-rearing. Julie & I opened our shop in August of 2001 and never looked back. Our humble beginnings under the cottonwood trees in Julie's front yard have led us to our current site in a 130 yr old Main Street building in Gilbert, Iowa. You know, Ames, Iowa home of the Iowa State Cyclones...yeah, just 4 miles north of Ames or 50ish miles north of Des Moines or roughly 2 1/2 hours straight south of the Twin Cities - you pick. We're pretty centralized and quite proud of our Midwestern sensibilities. Please check out our website at and you'll get a little more on our background.

Our shop is full of all sorts of curiousities and wonderful vintage pieces. We pride ourselves on selling all vintage and antiquities w/ the mere exception of those items we create from vintage or have a few dedicated troopers create for us. JB Knacker is not your typical antique store. Maybe you've all heard this saying a million times, but we strive everyday to make this statement a reality! Just peer in the front windows and smell the peonies and french vanilla coffee as you wander in the front doors. You may hear vintage Neil Diamond or Harry Belafonte or maybe Frank Sinatra on the old reel to reel player. Vignettes are quirky & fun and the prices allow the shopper to buy the whole caboodle or just a few funky pieces to add to or start a collection.

I have so much to say, but don't want to overwhelm in this first post especially since I'm not sure my limited technical capabilities allow me to actually post pics w/ this dialogue. We are excited to introduce JB Knacker style to the blog world and really hope this is a great way to keep communication open w/ our present customers and gain bunches of new fans to the site and the shop. Thank you for visiting!! Brenda

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