Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas is Coming, the Goose is Getting Fat...

Well, it's the second week of December and the snow is flying outside and the wind is whipping it into blizzard conditions. I hope everyone is cozy at home in these parts and able to just stay put. The shop will be closed today (Wednesday the 9th). If I lived within walking distance of the shop, I would love to putter around and create new vignettes and finish projects. But instead, the lights and decorations will go up on our tree at home and the kids will sled down hills (or dive into snow drifts) and hot chocolate will be sipped and gingerbread baked in the oven. It will be a good snow day.

Guess what I forgot to announce? The winner of our Black Friday drawing. Lynn Clark...you have a big fat $50.00 gift certificate waiting for you at the shop!! Congratulations and thanks for all of you that came out and shopped JB Knacker on that day ~ it was a good one!

We rolled into the first week of December and watched a lot of tarnished silver fly out the door in the form of big old ornate platters and fancy schmancy candy dishes and perfume trays. Did I mention the monster metal urn in the front window has been gone for a little while now...on its way to Cedar Falls, but it has been replaced w/ a smaller version (but still a nice size) black metal urn that rests on our 7 foot harvest table.

We hauled in one of 2 very large oak cupboards from an old school in Davenport, Iowa after the pretty buffet sold.

Lots of old wire and metal grace our shop in the form of old garden gates, tool boxes, wire "memo boards" and old advertising signs. Beautiful glass domes and cut glass dessert dishes, depression glass sugar & creamers and etched glass goblets rest on our old storefront shelves.

Costume jewelry chains, brooches and earrings mix well w/ our vintage inspired soldered & typewriter charms and a new line of chunky organic earrings have been selling fast.

Many who have never ventured into JB Knacker may have preconceived notions that we are just antiques lined up against the walls or consignment or heaven knows what, and certainly not a shop that would be worthy of buying gifts for those on their list. They are so wrong! Just pulling up to the front of our shop and stepping in to the smell of our wonderful hand poured soaps and french vanilla coffee brewing should do the trick. The gifts that grace our shelves are one-of-a-kind because they are carefully selected vintage pieces (by me!) or designed uniquely for our shop by a creative local artist. Grain sack number pillows, window sash letters, jewelry (from earrings to charmed necklaces), chunky hand poured soaps, funny & endearing cards, beautiful old books and ornate frames are just a smidgen of what we have to offer.

It was fun to listen to a couple of new customers in the shop last Saturday..."Look what I found! I've been looking all over for one of these and they have like four of them and they are only eight dollars each!! Oh my gosh, did you see these...you have got to get one for mom, she will love it!" That kind of stuff makes my day!

Have a wonderful week and hope to see you at the shop!

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Farmgirl Chaos said...

I can't wait to come visit! Even though you are so close (I live in Nevada), I don't get up your way much at all. But I will be making a special trip soon. Save me some fun items!