Monday, May 10, 2010

Recap and Forward into Wild Territory...

We're headed into another wildly fun & busy week both at the shop and on the home front (I'll spare you those details).  Just wanted to show you a handful of our vendors last Tuesday night at Open was super windy but warm and an overall good start to our Tuesday Open Markets.  They all set up fun & professional booths and were ready for business at 4pm.  A big Thank You  to last Tuesday's vendors ~  Jaclyn and her Dad, Darwin from Dakota Junktion, Carla from Red Barn Rustics, Janice from the former Farmhouse Vintage, Sarah and Emerson, Wanda, Kristi & Jessica Bolar, Kayleen Rinehart & sisters, that lovely couple from Marshalltown (sorry names escape me) and my 2 little "squirts" Joanna & Gretchen!!

Tuesday Open Market in Gilbert will be held from 4-7pm on Tuesday (of coarse), May 11th and it looks like the rain may stay away long enough to get in a good evening of markets.  Wanda will be serving hot coffee and desserts from Jo's shop as well as baked goods.  Sarah will be peddling her school spirit wares and other beautiful jewelry and such.  Clare will be displaying her bounty of romantic found treasures from days gone by.  Our furniture craftsman, Ted, will be hauling great furniture finds down from up north.  Kim will have a rack or two of vintage clothing and fun vintage accent pieces, and Anna will have all things hand made.  I'm hoping to have a few more vendors along for the ride on this Tuesday as well.  So be sure to check out Main St, Gilbert from 4-7pm every Tuesday from her on out ~ dress snuggly warm this Tuesday and be ready for complimentary hot cocoa if needed (it's May in Iowa ~ you never know)!

Last Tuesday from 6-8pm 3 gals met for Open Craft Night at JB Knacker.  They shopped the Open Markets first and found some great treasures to haul home, and then headed inside JB Knacker to set up their craft session for the evening.  They celebrated someone's 40th birthday w/ a cupcake cake and a beautiful little pottery vase of lily-of-the-valleys and then went on to learn the ins & outs of making a shadow bird box.   These gals were from Madrid, DesMoines and Ames and coordinated this night together ~ I love that!  And that is how Open Craft Night at the shop is supposed to work...stake your territory, get comfortable and create together!

I'm not going to have a workshop in May as the month is already jam packed w/ activites...I think you all would agree.  Stay-tuned as JB Knacker will be host to possibly 2 workshops in June (possibilities include: a soldered charm workshop, a button bracelet workshop, a "take-a-hammer-to-it" workshop w/silver and metal stamping). 
                                      my girls may need to use their time & camera more productively

I'm thinking these blog posts are just too informative lately...need to just post some silliness soon (the above will have to do for now)...would love to see you one or all of these Tuesdays or for that matter anytime these old shop doors are open!!  Just email me if you want to be a vendor and/or if you need more info. about something.


Anita said...

I might come down for eother the hammer class or the charm class in June...and make it a getaway. So let me know ahead of time :)

Janelle - The Farmer's Wife said...

Me, too!!! I am out of school in 2 weeks and I could make it a getaway, too! I have been trying FOREVER to get up to your part of the state!!!