Friday, July 16, 2010

Blatant Shop Promotion

Seems that is all I've been doing on this old blog lately.  In my defense, the days are spinning by and we've just got a lot going on at JB Knacker ~ really! 

July's Breakfast Club ~ right around the corner...Saturday, July 24th!

On the docket: 8 am ~ shop doors open to a new look and 20% off the entire shop with your donation of a food item for our local food pantry!  What do we mean by a new look?  Well, it means we stay up 'til the wee hours shuffling in new old finds like galvanized stuff, old signage, funky painted wood tables and fresh vintage linens.  We may be so wicked tired that we leave the cobwebs on farm primitives straight out of the barn and forget to price a few (ok...sometimes a lot of stuff...just ask... as the price I come up w/ on 1/2 hour of sleep is usually lower than if I think on it!!).

  A light breakfast is served and a flea market of vendors will be out in the side yard!  The vendors will be creative and varied serving up vintage wares, funky and cool jewelry, whimsical and bright accessories for the kiddos, hand-crafted furniture and primitives and whole lot more!!  The 20 % off at the shop ends at 10am, so don't be late.

  We will have maps to any area occasional sales that are happening and any other hot spots.  But do come back to Gilbert as an antique car & tractor show begins at 4pm and Prairie Moon Winery will be next door at Jo's for wine tasting also at 4pm. We will close at 5pm on this day and vendors are encouraged to stay right 'til the end.  There will be watermelon slices and cold water and pop sold to quench your thirst as well as other food throughout the day.  Join us for a celebration of summer in a fun, small town!  I do believe there is a street dance beginning at 8pm...oh, think of the fun to be had all day long!




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