Monday, April 25, 2011

Charm Bracelet Workshop at JB Knacker

some of Sarah's rings in a cute display at the shop
anagrams & keys and so much more can work as creative!
We would love to see a full room at the shop this coming Friday night (April 29th).  JB Knacker will be hosting a great charm bracelet workshop from 6pm 'til 8ish pm.  Sarah Dorn from Mama Peacock will be leading the workshop and I will be assisting.  If you've never met Sarah before, this will be a treat.  She has a wealth of knowledge in creating fabulous pieces of jewelry, and lights up a room w/ her positive uplifting outlook!  You will learn joinery techniques in putting your one-of-a-kind charms onto your bracelet as well as a few new techniques in altering charms such as stamping metal, inking and collage.  I have been squirreling away fun little trinkets in preparation for this workshop, and Sarah has a wonderful stash of new and old lovelies to choose.  The cost is only $35.00 for the evening and all supplies are included.  And you go home w/ a beautiful charm bracelet that you created.  This is a fantastic price for this workshop as I usually see these bracelets sell for upwards of $50.00 at shows and shops!  We will also be stuffing our faces w/ angel food cake, whip (as my kids call it) and strawberries...tea and wine will also be served.  How do you sign up?  The old fashioned way...just call the shop at 233-2600 and we'll reserve a spot for you!


Barntiques said...

Couldn't pick a better duo. You and Sarah, soooo fun! Fun stuff, great people and a bracelet too! Hope you have a packed class!

JB Knacker said...

Thanks for the compliment, Kay. I hope it is packed because it's gonna be a good one! And just so you remember...I'm helping you set-up for your first sale of the season - can't wait!

Lara said...

sconsThat looks like an AWESOME workshop, but, as I'm getting up at 2am to watch the Royal Wedding, I'm betting by 7pm, I'll be sound asleep!

Mama Peacock said...

You guys are both so sweet!!
Brenda, I am blushing from the sweet compliments in your post!!

simplyiowa said...

Hey Sweet Pea!
Man O Man...Are You a Busy Girl...Or What!
Love what you are doin'...and...Love you too...
Barb C.

Jennifer@Woodley Cottage said...

Sounds like fun! I just stumbled upon your blog and I must say LOVE IT!!
I am your newest follower.
Have a super day!

Mary Perry said...

Shoot, wish I would have signed up for this class. Just realized that Sarah waited on me the other day that at the store, and what fun she was. I will do the next one, by golly. I don't wear jewelry, allergy, but have some girls that would love some.