Monday, May 16, 2011

Tuesday's Deal of the Day

Just starting the yard work leading up to the garden party on Saturday, May 28th.  Well, mowing the tall grass is a start...but so much more to do.  The big girl, little girl and I are heading to the greenhouse today to pick out pretty perennials and flowering baskets or at least the "ingredients" to make them.

Now for Tuesday's (May 17th) deal of the day...# pillow covers are just $15 each!  These pillow covers measure 18" x 18" and are made from sturdy canvas and hand sewn w/ an envelope type closure.  They each come w/ an authentic typewriter key tag and look great w/ an IKEA 20" x 20" feather pillow (not incl.) stuffed into each.  The #'s we have remaining are the lucky #7 and the nice even #4 and are heat pressed onto the pillow cover in large black font...way cooler than Pottery Barn (and might I add, done at JB Knacker 1 1/2 yrs before Pottery Barn)!  At $15, they are almost 50% off retail price.  Stop in tomorrow and say "Hi" to Sarah (I'll be at a park w/ a bunch of 3rd graders checking out pond life).


Tricia @ Vintage No. 35 said...

What a great deal on the pillows! I do love the ones I purchased and they have held up very well with 2 little kiddos.

JB Knacker said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Tricia. I love mine at home, too!