Thursday, June 2, 2011


lovely old bottles and canning jars and coffee jars...lots of fun old glass for you to choose from

Ephemera...we got it!

This little bird bath sold, but we have 2 more chunky white ones left

St Frances statue still available

The Garden Party is behind us now, but was a gooood one!  The weather held...was a bit cloudy...just reminded me of a summer morning tending the garden before the sun breaks through.  Thanks to all of you that made it out.  I appreciate your support and your word-of-mouth advertising you do for the shop.  And a big thanks to my shop girls...Sarah, Ambrianna, Lizzie, Clare, Joy and Kate...for helping get everything done.  Also, thank you Jane for these wonderful pictures you took during the party!

The fun never ends at a small brick 'n mortar shop...we've extended our hours this summer!  Some shops condense hours in the summer, but not old JB Knacker...bring it on!  The summer hours are Monday - Friday 10am-6pm and Saturday 10am-3pm ~ almost double our regular hours!  We have projects we want to tackle and vintage we need to get out, so we are working doubly hard to bring you the best stuff!

OK, Blogger isn't letting me load any more pictures right now, so I will get to my last item of business for this post...The Breakfast Club is just 23 days away...Saturday, June 25th from 8am-3pm!!  This is one of the best days of the year at JB Knacker!  We open the old doors early at 8am, serve you a light breakfast, have 20% off the whole shop and have a flea market of wonderful artists and junkers in the side yard.  If that's not enough, we send you on your way w/ a map to 6 plus occasional sales in the area (barns, chicken coops and carriage houses).'s that good.  So, start planning your day'll need a van, truck or even trailer if you are super serious! More to come on this...oh, so much more!

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