Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas at JB Knacker so far...

The month of November flew by with a JB Knacker Christmas Bash, a show at Junk Jubilee Jingles, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Gilbert's small-town little festivities the first weekend in December.  And these are the snippets of JB Knacker during that time:

Very woodland & organic and well... very woodland.  But we do have traditional and glitzy, too:

The pictures I don't have are those of our customers' beautiful faces and smiles.  I tend to remember to take a picture after the moment has passed.  But that doesn't diminish how important you all are to us at JB Knacker.  It's been a record breaking season so far for this small business thanks to your support!  We plan to work our tails off right up to the weekend before the blessed day to help you w/ decorations, gifts and inspiration!  Thank you, thank you!


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