Sunday, November 3, 2013

JB Knacker Christmas Bash

Join us for a Christmas Bash this Thursday-Sunday, Nov. 7th-10th.  Thursday evening will be our twinkly lights and a little wine evening from 6-9pm.  It might even feel a bit like Christmas outside minus the snow!  Inside, the shop will be twinkly, warm and festive.  We would love to have you stop by on Thursday evening and/or join us on Friday for more merriment from 10-5pm and again on Saturday from 10-5pm.  We will wrap up our Christmas Bash weekend on Sunday from 11-4pm.  

I remember 8 yrs ago...the shop had just opened, and we had decided we would not put Christmas out until December.  We were tired of Christmas being put out in stores too early!  Well, we learned a lesson about retail that year and a lesson about time management as well.  No, Christmas should not be put out in September...but, November is OK.  And it makes it much easier on the shop owner if said shop owner paces herself and leaves time for being festive at home w/ friends and family.

 I am excited for tomorrow at the shop...Christmas music blaring, sipping hot tea & whipping the shop into the Christmas I've had dancing around in my head far too long!  I've gathered and gathered and now it's time to display!  I have the troops coming in Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday morning to lend a helping hand...but tomorrow, I need the shop all to myself.  Can't wait to dig in!  And hope you can join us any or all of this coming weekend for JB Knacker's Christmas Bash!!

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