Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Christmas Bash ~ Saturday, Nov. 8th 10 am - 5 pm

Can't wait for you to see the fun JB Knacker has planned for Saturday, November 8th! Our Christmas Bash is a nostalgic look back at the fun that Christmas was as a kid...only in a very grown-up sort of'll just have to show up to figure that out! We're extending our hours a bit on the 8th(10am 'til 5pm), to allow everyone a chance to make it over to JB. Festive bites and beverages will be served and if snow is present, there WILL be a snowball fight in the side yard!

I know, I know...I said I would get pictures up of our gifty items at the shop, but w/ our Christmas bash a mere 10 days from now, I feel the need to keep some things surprises. You loved surprises as a kid! You remember how disappointing it was when you peeked at your presents in mom & dad's closet and then the magic was over and the guilt began(i felt guilty anyway...don't think little brother Matt did). Just know that Julie & I have been running around crazy-like finding just the right vintage goodies to add to our Christmas Bash theme. And just like Santa, we have been stocking up on all of our great vintage inspired gifts so we don't run out. I have yet to put on all black and slink around my mom & dad's yard for the best nature finds(i have to be sneaky as my dad thinks I'm killing all the trees by cutting branches & such...i am almost certain Martha said it's a good time to prune). The food will be yummy and the beverages toasty, and as day turns to evening, the wine will flow. Bring family and friends to rekindle (i love that word) that warm feeling of Christmas as a kid!

Can Hardly Wait,

PS ~We have openings for our next 2 workshops, Jolly Junk Workshop(making JB Knacker-style snowmen & women...see pictures on our News section of website) on Tuesday, Nov. 11th from 6-8pm and Charm Workshop(making soldered picture charms for a unique necklace charm...also see website for pics) on Tuesday, Nov. 18th from 6-8pm. Call the shop at 515 233-2600, stop by the shop or check-out our website for registration info.


Sweet Repose said...

You're killin' me here...what's with the snow shot...too soon...I'm afraid of the snow!!! But it looks like you are gonna have some fun comin up real soon...ok, I'm not looking at the snow picture...ha

Old Crow Farm said...

The Christmas Bash was so much fun!! I just love coming into your shop! Its a junkers wonderland!! We has so much fun. Take care! Jordana Old Crow