Thursday, October 2, 2008

JB Knacker thoughts, travels & such

What a great charm workshop we had a few Tuesdays ago (Sept.23rd). A big thanks to the 9 participants: Marie, Melanie, Kay, Erin, Mary, Deb, Shari, Lori and Ms. Tomlinsin (forgive me as I can't remember your first name, but I can see your face and remember your last name - that's called raging post-partum hormones). Our wonderful Penny did a great job leading the troops in the education of "all that solders" and also Tracy was a great assistant and helper for the night! Thanks also to Deb who quickly shot a few pictures as Julie & I can't seem to remember to bring a camera w/ us anywhere! I hate that we forgot this again because you need Need to see what these creative gals made. The charms were beautiful and then as an added bonus they all got to create a typewriter charm to embellish their finished necklace. Next charm workshop will be in early December...great time for gift-giving. The next workshop in our series is next Tuesday, October 14th 6-8pm - Journal making is on the agenda and we have a bunch of gals from the MODA club at ISU joining us, but still have room for more, so call the shop ASAP and pre-register ( for more info. on workshop series).
The husband, baby Cecilia and I all hit the road last Thursday to get an early jump at the What Cheer Flea. The ability to avoid the crowds and drive the vehicle right into the fairgrounds is a plus about Thursday. Now, you do miss some vendors who haven't arrived yet or those that just mysteriously leave their space for hours on end, but the pluses w/ a new baby in tow much outweighed the negatives. I like What Cheer for their ephemera and wire...two of my all-time favorite things. But you gotta dig and get down and dirty to find the good stuff...and that, I have no trouble doing ever except when you need to stay somewhat clean and sanitary so as to nurse a baby every few hours. The husband and I are no amateurs at junking nor having a baby with, so we did the best we could and discovered a few goodies along the way. Very favorite discovery: 3 massive ledger books w/ awesome calligraphy know like the one in the Mickey Mouse Scrooge story where the ledger is way bigger than Mickey w/ his little feet dangling as he writes in it on Christmas know the one. I have big plans for the monstrous ledgers. I don't have pictures of the ledgers...just a few of the $1 tables at What Cheer as well as some shots of fun things I dug out of a shed on the way to What Cheer. Don't worry, there was a sale happening at the shed at the time.

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Sweet Repose said...

Hey thanks for stopping by and yes, being able to voice ones opinions is a freedom I hope we never lose, too many have sacrificed their lives to keep it so.

Welcome to the blog o sphere. I have met so many wonderful people on line, if I walked by them on the street, I know I would know them instantly. We all have our quirks, which gives us our individuality and unique style. I had to look up Gilbert, I'm afraid I have never heard of it, but Northern Iowa, though beautiful is just that much farther into the cold North and I am continually wrestling with heading back to Florida...if I didn't love Iowa so much... I just worry so much about the coming winter. Last years sales were so bad for us in the biz, we just hung on by our toenails. I know Barb at Sisters' is biting the nails too. We just hope that the election will stimulate something if not just hope.

We are all Sisters in this man's world, wanting the best for our families and friends...maybe someday we will meet and have that great conversation that makes us human...especially about old junk...yippee!

Good luck,