Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas & thank you...

Julie & I wish all of you a blessed Christmas. You have helped to make this season a most successful one. In fact, it has been our best holiday season ever! We feel so fortunate to have our passion as our business and doubly so to have such kind, creative and adoring customers! OK...adoring may be a bit strong, but we feel your love and are ever so grateful to you!
We want to remind you all about our after Christmas sale going on from 12/26 through 12/30 during our regular business hours. So that means our doors will be open Friday (12/26) 1-6pm, Saturday (12/27) 10-3pm and Tuesday (12/30) 1-6pm. All Christmas will be 50% off ~ something we have never done before but are very excited to see how it goes...and we hope it all GOES! And to sweeten the deal, we are adding 20% off all of JB Knacker inventory (we sound like a real live commercial now). So come on out to the shop, stomp the snow off your boots, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and load up on your favorite vintage and vintage inspired goodies.
And remember, we are open only on Saturdays in January ~ 5 Saturdays to be exact! We are really pumped about whooshing the shop into something fun and a little different each Saturday. It's all about creating excitement w/ a new look and new stuff each time. You won't want to miss even one Saturday!
Julie & Brenda

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Old Crow Farm said...

Merry Christmas to you girls too! Hope I'll be able to make it up to the shop soon! Jordana