Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Told You So!

That's what I should have said to husband...but you know me, wouldn't want to rub anything in. We had a heck of a Friday and Saturday at the shop after Thanksgiving. The old galvanized bucket was stuffed w/ names for our $50 gift certificate giveaway... and the WINNER is ~ Dawn Graber!! Custom orders for window sash letters and soldered charms are written all over my hand and up my arm as the calls and emails have been coming at a quick pace. The shop will get whirled around again before this Saturday as it is Gilbert's Christmas Festival (yes, I said Christmas...who around here celebrates winter anyway...just a little dig at the flier that went out about this little shindig). The tour of homes and Santa Claus are the big draws on this day and of course, cookies and cider and such. I am thinking Friday night might be a late one as we give the place a fresh look w/ our new finds and creations. Would love to have you by the old place on Saturday w/ extended hours from 9am - 6pm. Thanks for your continued support!

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Sweet Repose said...

Fun stuff...but no speaka da english...

We didn't get much snow, maybe a couple of inches, but it did snow most of the day and the highway was really slick, it's right out my back door(bummer).

Stay busy!!!