Friday, January 30, 2009

A Few of our Favorite Things

There is guilt that comes with not updating your blog on a weekly basis. I have lived it now for over 3 weeks. With me it's not so much what to write as it is what pictures to post. I'm all about the pictures when I look at other blogs. I do not have a worthy camera nor do I have the picture taking talent that so many bloggers posses. So I feel a compromise coming on...for now it is not an updated picture of the shop, but just a little nonsense and fun.
Good segue into the next topic ~ February Faves, a top 10 list of JB Knacker's favorite things right now! Cue Sound of Music melody: Doctor Zhivago and other romances, Metal Bedsprings that pinch nose and eyelashes, snack sets and snack cakes and skeleton keys...these are a few of our favorite things...! I'm trying way too hard, so on with the list without music...let's see... old dress forms & satin seam binding, pink rick-rack & metal movie reels, shiny buttons & crystal chandeliers. The list goes on & on, so I promise pictures very soon!
Just a quick note to entice you to the shop. Regular hours (Tuesday-Friday 1-6pm and Saturday 10-3pm) are back and we have kicked-off February with a special treat ~ a beautifully wrapped wine glass featuring our "February Faves" ephemera tag when you purchase $25.00 or more!! We started this last Saturday even though it was still January, and the customers responded. They took great care to pick just the right wine glass with the perfect ephemera tag on it as each is unique.
The old place looks good. We're quite taken with our paper & trinket room upstairs, and think it will inspire you to create! New finds include a set of ironstone dishes, a full scrapbook from 1929 all about Shakespeare's plays and actors of the time (all written in wonderful script lettering), big old white cupboard and so much more. Thanks for stopping by ~ Brenda

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Sweet Repose said...

There are some days that I just think...what...but this overactive imagination never sleeps!

I think your pics are wonderful, it just takes the dedication and a few cups o joe to get me agoin'.

Springs a comin, goin to Sisters' your heart out...ha!