Sunday, May 3, 2009

Inspiration Board Workshop

Inspiration board by Erin

Our first Inspiration Board Workshop is now history. I really should hand out evaluations after the completion of these workshops, but I don't because I know how I hate to fill them out. I love JB Knacker customers. Last Wednesday evening 11 of these sweet ladies filled the shop with talking, laughter, eating, drinking and creating. A typical JB Knacker customer tends to be a gentle creative soul with a large capacity for sharing and with just the right amount of sarcasm for a good dose of humor!

Now 2 of these ladies, Lillian & Rita, came to teach and lend a helping hand. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Lillian & Rita know their way around all things creative. Lillian brought several of her inspiration boards to share. I would love to show you Lillian's works of art, but once again I forgot my camera in all the schlepping of stuff into the shop that evening! So a big thank you goes out to Kris for jumping in and offering to use her camera and take all of the pictures that night ~ as I said...very good at sharing! The other 9 participants: Kris, Cynthia, Laurie, Joanie, Erin, Carol, Maureen, Martha & Susan came to get inspired.

Rita helping to find ephemera in an antique book

We got right to work after a little shopping and drinking and eating and talking and laughing...oh yeah, the work part...have to give it to these gals for just finding or making a clear spot whether it be table or floor. OK...that's another attribute of JB Knacker enthusiasts ~ good workers with a penchant to make-do! This project took a little room and due to rainy, windy weather, the outside was pretty much off limits. Although, we did spray the adhesive outside so as not to send anyone into an asthmatic attack. Tools included carpet knife and other assorted sharp tools, lots of different kinds of adhesives depending on your gluing needs, and a few good hammers.

Joanie & Laurie collaborating on best placement

Cynthia (background) & Erin placing trinkets inside frames to visualize the "look"

Joanie creating her pushpins from old typewriter keys ~ fabric for inspiration board a combo of old linen luncheon cloth and black velvet from turn-of-the-century dress

Laurie, Susan and Martha carefully choosing ephemera to embellish their inspiration boards

Maureen and I adhering craft paper backing to her masterpiece

The workshop ran a little over (note to self...have backing already cut to fit assorted frames) but no complaining to be heard (another attribute). I was blown away by all of the different boards that were being inspired that night. From soft romantic style to farmhouse chic, it was a true testament of the love of good old ephemera and linens and frames and such taken to a new level. sincere hope is that these wonderful women will use these boards for tacking up that quote that makes their heart melt or that picture of their mom as a child or that perfect color for their dining room walls or that swatch of fabric for their dream sofa.... I think each of us knows deep down what makes us tick, and what we need to visualize to bring our dreams to fruition (that's kind of deep for me), but I was looking at my inspiration board as I typed this.

Maureen's inspiration board ~ white gesso frame, vintage blue/white ticking fabric and clever zipper addition to hold pictures and postcards, cabinet card picture holder and letter tiles

Kris' gold ornate oval frame with antique embroidered linen folded in such a way to create an envelope/pocket for antique pictures

Carol's large painted frame w/ vintage baby blue feed sack w/ floral pushpin

Erin's antique painted gesso frame w/ soft rose fabric, game piece pushpins, millinery flower and cabinet card

Next workshop is Wednesday, May 13th 6-8pm ~ Soldered Charm Workshop

*create your own soldered charm necklace w/ typewriter key embellishment
*call shop at (515)233-2600 to sign up or email Brenda at


Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Wow, the inspiration boards that everyone made are SO wonderful! Sounds like everyone had a lot of fun and your workshop was a resounding success! Congratulations!

Barntiques said...

Wow! I sooo wanted to come and now I am really kicking myself. They look fabulous and I know how much fun your classes are. Will have to miss your jewelry class to as we will be cRaZy getting ready for the next sale, May 15th and 16th. Hope to get to the shop before then!

Old Crow Farm said...

How fun!! I want to come. It looks like such a good time. I love how everyone is scattered about deep in their creative thoughts. I want to come so bad to your next class, but dang its 2 days before our sale. I just don't think I can swing it, but we'll see! Brenda your place is just so awesome, its such a wonderful vintage environment. I always leave inspired!! jojo

The Philip Hone Gallery said...

I totally wish you were close to me! Honesdale PA!!!
I would love to have you here!
I will keep following you; I love your blog.