Thursday, May 21, 2009

Plugging right along...and loving it!

Moving's a good thing. Momentum building and positive stuff around every corner. The shop is just that. Workshops are happening now every 2 weeks. Vintage finds are coming in and going out. Large primitive cupboards, fancy pants mirrors, lab ware beakers holding lily of the valley and now snowball bush flowers. Fantastic scents in hand-cut soap and new charm jewelry. It's all good and yes, exciting...well at least from a shop owner's perspective. But the comments from customers tell the same story..."it smells so good in here" (the soap)..."where do you get all this great stuff?" (all over the place...keep your eyes peeled)..."how long have you been here?" (3 1/2 years and at the barn 4 yrs prior)..."your prices are so good!" (it works for us)...I'll take it all!" (that would be nice and yes, I could fill 'er back up in a weekend)...I love your music (Tawnya, our hip shop employee helps w/ that).

i remembered my camera this time, but discovered i'm not very good at using it...sorry for the blurry pictures

Last week's soldered charm workshop was awesome! The shop was filled w/ 15 women ready to create & assemble a one-of-a-kind necklace.

They kept Penny hopping as they observed her technique w/ a soldering gun

and kept me busy helping w/ additions of typewriter key charms and other cute trinkety charms added to their chains. These participants came from as far away as Hampton, Ankeny and south of Cummings and as close as Ames and Nevada. They came in groups of friends, co workers and mothers and daughters. The next soldered charm workshop will be Thursday, June 11th from 6-8 pm (sorry for the recent changes in dates and times ~ I really need to be looking at a calender when I put dates out there for all to see). Email me or call the shop (515 233-2600) w/ questions and to preregister. ***update ~ as of 5/29, we have 4 spaces filled for the next charm workshop!

DIY Night is only a few days away! Next Wednesday, May 27th from 7-9pm at the shop, we will be hosting a Do It Yourself Night! This is the time for you to finish that project you've had at home all winter or begin a new project. We hope to create a guild of sorts ~ one that encompasses all different interests and uses all sorts of mediums in the creative process. JB Knacker will have an ephemera & trinket buffet set up for your use that night. Examples of new projects that could be started at the shop (just to get you all thinking...) would be an altered journal, fairy in a jar, wire projects such as picture holders and bird nests, decoupaging frame w/ old ephemera, altered art boxes and so on and so on. There will be beverages and some munchies so feel free to bring a snack to share (and the recipe if homemade). The cost for the night is $10.00 and no preregistration is required, just come!


Sweet Repose said...

What fun, we get all the same remarks...too funny, it's universal!

Wish I could attend a soldering class, have always wanted to learn...maybe some day...we will open the new shop next Friday...I hope!!!

Have a safe weekend!

Old Crow Farm said...

I can't wait to come see your new finds. I feel a round trip coming!!

Barntiques said...

Love it as always! The shop looks great and so fun. Our sale next month is on hold right now. Damn health anyway! Although I could get into the van and ride with you someday. That would be a hoot, most likely we would need a trailer! Have a happy week.