Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Entrepreneur Night

There is a fun event happening at JB Knacker in just under 2 weeks. On Thursday evening, October 22nd from 5-8pm, JB Knacker in conjunction w/ our neighbor Jo at Left Bank Studio will be hosting an "Entrepreneur Night." It is a first time for this event and we are really excited! Because this is a special event, JB Knacker will close its doors at the regular time on Wednesday evening (6pm) not to open again until 5pm on Thursday evening. This will give just enough time to twirl the shop into a new look, haul in new old pieces just for this event and maybe even start some rumors!

So what is Entrepreneur Night? It is shopping, eating and a time to reflect on your dreams. Shopping begins promptly at 5pm at JB Knacker. This night is by invitation only as a thank you to our customers (your friends and family are also welcome ~ whoever would help to make this night special) and therefore, you receive a 10% discount on everything at the shop on this night! Dinner is served at 6pm next door at the Write Brain Cafe/Left Bank Studio w/ a creative exercise in exploring your dreams intertwined w/ the meal. Our entrepreneur panel will begin at 7pm w/ desserts and beverages served. We will be hosting a diverse group of business owners. The one comment that both Jo and I hear over and over is "I would love to own my own shop, cafe, coffee house ~ you fill in the blank. What better way to explore this comment than to allow talented entrepreneurs to tell their story and YOU to ask them questions ~ lots of questions. After the night is over, you also go home w/ a sweet little stash of goodies compliments of JB Knacker and the Left Bank Studio.

The cost of the evening is $25.00 and early registration is encouraged as there are space limitations because of the meal and entrepreneur panel. You can register by either calling the shop (233-2600) or just stopping by. And feel free to email me w/ any questions.

Thank you for continued support of JB Knacker and stay tuned for details on JB Knacker's Christmas Bash on Saturday, November 7th ~ Brenda

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Three Shabby Chicks said...

Hey ladies, Thanks for checking out our blog. I finally got the pics on. We hope we can come up and shop next year, and we hope we can see you guys again. Great stuff and Great people! Blessings, Robin and Niki