Sunday, October 4, 2009

I Can Breathe Again!

And I mean that literally. I got a bit run-down after the Junk Bonanza in Minnesota. I am just feeling better as I type this. Wow, 2 weeks is a long time to feel yucky. I actually feel quite blessed as (#1) I am returning to a healthy status and (#2) only 3 of the 6 kiddos came down w/ something as well (update: 2 more down for the count as of 10/5 am ~ ask me in a few days if I still feel blessed!).

OK, enough about sickness! The Junk Bonanza was a really good time!! I know I am the last to post about this great event, but you know the old saying...

As I mentioned in my last post (yes, over 3 weeks ago!), we pulled out of Gilbert at about 1:30pm on Wednesday and had to get to Shakopee and be set up by 7:00pm ~ totally flying by the seat of our pants. Well, we did it (thank you to the kind young security man who let us stay until 8:20pm as we feverishly tried to put a booth together).

The booths were to die for and the junk was plentiful and affordable! Ki and her crew put on a top-notch show that was run smoothly and professionally. I so recommend The Bonanza not only from a shoppers perspective, but also from a vendors stand-point.

Honestly, I didn't get many pictures except on the last day of the show (what a poor excuse for a blogger I am). Julie & I kept at a quick clip w/ sales and yapping w/ customers and vendors alike as well as attending blog parties (where I won a bag full of the Farm Chicks goodies and mingled with blog superstars). Dan of Boone's Junk Refunkery (aka Dori's husband) was very sweet to let me sit by him as at first I felt a bit like I was back in high school and attending a party where I didn't know anybody. But once introductions were made, it was a wonderful time for my first blog party! Did get a picture of our neighbors, Three Shabby Chicks from Kansas City. They had a beautifully displayed booth w/ such an ethereal feel to it ~ great displays! And a picture of our booth neighbor Dawn from Blue Earth, MN. Small world in that her backyard is right next to my aunt Polly & uncle Harold's backyard. Wonderful stuff at great prices in her booth...why didn't I grab that wicker porch swing when I had the chance?! The Iowa Junk Gypsies (Anita & Judy) were fun to meet and visit w/...sadly, I don't have a picture of their booth...great unusual finds like old statuary and rolls of vintage wallpaper to name just two. I really enjoyed visiting w/ Linda of Restyled Home and contributor to the new Fleamarket style magazine coming out next spring (w/ Ki, Matthew & Jenny Mead and Heather Bullard on board as well). Gretchen of Mimi Toria's Designs also stopped by our booth for a visit ~ talented jewelry designer! And then a bit of our booth on the last day of the show. We met wonderful vendors and customers alike and had a great time!

Back to Gilbert, Iowa... and the old shop is full, full, full! I have been shopping during my was the only thing that made me feel better. Well, that and Vicks. I even got to visit Barb at Simply Iowa in Fairfax this past Friday. What a sweet ephemeral experience. The ambiance in her shop is something to behold. And who do I run into there, but Sarah from Old Town Antiques in Duluth, Minnesota. When we travel north, I love to stop at this antique haven and Sarah's booth is the first one I head to! Can you believe Sarah and I were both after the same old little metal file drawers and rusty scalloped feeders (luckily there were several of each).

And back to Gilbert, Iowa once again and the shop...some of my favorites at the shop right now, well...all the different styles of dress forms, 3 sweet buffets, all the little white pumpkins, galvanized & metal buckets & drawers, chippy pair of painted chairs and funky embellishment charms for our new & vintage chain to name a few things. Stop by the old place to see the loot. We'll have a hot pot of coffee waiting for you.

Save the Date: Thursday, October 22nd ~ evening'ish...I will let you know in a day or so ~ a fun special event happening at JB Knacker for all of you with the entrepeneurial (spell check says that is correct?) spirit!

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Anita said...

Hey- Glad to see you are back at it again! It took us a little while to recover getting old! I got so many ideas my mind kind of went into overdrive shut down mode- so I am just getting back to business...and working on the house somewhat too.