Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sweet, sweet unrest...

This is the motto I'm living by these days! Why not, life is too short not to pile too many things on your plate and run with all of them!

Junk Bonanza...we pull the truck out early Wednesday afternoon. Now, I'm hoping we can whoosh the shop into something fun & well, really just presentable after we pluck some yummy vintage goods off the floor to take up north. Hubby promised to lug in the 2 big wonderful cabinets that have been languishing in the shed until room was made at the shop. And as we're packing up the truck, I promise not to take all of the new old goods found in the past few days. If you can't make it to Shakopee to shop this great show, then you can hit JB Knacker and shop at a nice 20% discount this Friday & Saturday. It is a bit of a "guilt sale" as I know the shop will not be in top form (always the marketing guru) and I want to reward those faithful customers who venture our way and any new ones who see our ad in the Goods section of the DesMoines Register.

The next soldered charm workshop will be Wednesday, September 30th from 6-8pm at the shop. Call and reserve your space (233-2600) ASAP.

Brewing up a fun day at the shop in about a month. Will give more details on that when we return from the Junk Bonanza.

Wish us wonderful luck! For those of you who are venturing to The Bonanza, look for us in the tent on one of the ends. We have a great "creative studio artist thing" happening in our booth w/ lots of fun pieces to create your unique artistic haven.

Here's to a great week ~ Brenda


. said...

Have fun girls. You'll do awesome. Can't wait to hear all about it! Jordana

Gretchen said...

Absolutely loved your booth at JB. It was wonderful! I bought a great little wood box filled with tiny bottles, flash cards, and a mix of other favorite finds.
So enjoyed it and your displays were wonderful.

A Touch of Country said...

hey fellow Iowan. I am from Grundy Center which is about 20 miles west of cedar falls/waterloo and 7 miles south.

where is gilbert? I'd love to come visit your shop.

Rebecca said...

Where are you in Iowa...will be going through there at the beginning of Oct.
Didn't go to JB
Love your stuff