Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm Ready Now

I secretly desire to be organized. I pretend I'm really ok with my procrastinating ways. Truth be told, I need to pace myself much better.

Take for instance, JB Knacker's Spring Fling Celebration held last weekend. Tawnya and I worked all evening before the opening painting, cleaning and just plain "whooshing" the shop into a different look. I then sent her home as she had yummy cupcakes to whip up for the next day, and I continued on into the wee morning hours. My husband was sweet enough to "volunteer" his time to help from 9pm until he was just too grumpy. For some reason this year, I followed him home...not to sleep, oh no,no,no...just to shower and freshen up a bit.

I returned very early in the morning hours before the doors were to be opened for the celebration. I kept saying to myself, "Come on Brenda...a little can do it!" And yet, there was still piles of junk and pretties on the floor as the customers arrived. So much stuff still needed to be tagged (truly, my Achilles heel).

All I can say is... these people who shop JB Knacker are the BEST! They are flexible, laugh easily and down-to-earth!! And they somehow put up w/ my deviant ways. Now, I am not saying there is no need to improve, that they will always put up w/ me, and I can just coast from here on out. Their carefree attitude inspires me to be better. I am going to start to work on my procrastination problem tomorrow...I love Mondays just for that reason!!

Seriously, I want to thank all of those beautiful people that make staying up all night sooooo worth it! You came out on a cloudy, rainy weekend to celebrate the beginning of spring with us. I loved the chatting, the kids playing (parents chasing the kids)and the catching up on all the happenings. Thank you for your support and all of the nice comments.

I love this job ~ Brenda


Barntiques said...

It isn't work if it isn't fun! And you know just the things your customers have a hankering for. Yippee for spring! All of the doors are free from ice and snow now. Can't wait to get in there!Happy SpRiNg!

JB Knacker said...

Kay (Barntiques),
Your barn is a treasure trove!! Folks, if you love farm primitives, the industrial look, cottage ware and so much more...Kay's barn has it and the sales will begin soon. Check out her blog for all of the details. You'll be so glad you to you soon, Kay.


Callie Magee Antiques said...

Someday I want to visit you at your wonderful looking store. Until then I will follow on your blog and dream of a road trip through Iowa.

Old Crow Farm said...

I'm still trying to make my way back to you! The shop looks so fresh and fun. Enjoy this beautiful day! Jordana

A Touch of Country said...

can't seem to find where you are located? I am from Iowa as well.