Thursday, March 25, 2010

Open Market news & other shop ramblings

Do you really want to hear that I forgot my camera again? I didn't think so. So no whining...just the facts. JB Knacker was hopping last week...especially Wednesday...a fun place to be. Rumors always get going when I have a big Penske moving truck pull up in front of the old shop. Out of that truck hopped Sara and Jane from up know the gals w/ the great occasional sales in Carver, Minnesota . Well, they had been on a great expedition pretending to be like the American Picker guys (probably way better at it, though) and had filled that truck 3/4 full of funky junk...chair carcasses, galvanized stuff...oh, it was good stuff. Of coarse they said they could tell me where they had been, but then they would have to kill me - you know how that goes.

I eagerly invited them into the old shop even though they were being secretive...heck, they still had a 1/4 of that truck to fill (and I could see more room if one went up). I had Miss Cecilia, my 19month old "associate" on this day.

We had fun! We talked, we laughed, we complained, we chased Cecilia, we lost Cecilia, we found Cecilia. I am proud to say, that I helped those girls fill that truck, and I think helped them to lose any child-bearing longings and desires.

Shop girl Tawnya arrived just in time for Cecilia and I to wish the Minnesotans good luck, try one more time to get them to reveal their new hot junking spot (no luck) and then head to our next destination...violin lessons. Yes, I must be present during my 7 yr old's lessons so I can "help" her practice at home. James (the musician) does not yet realize this old dog isn't retaining much...oh, he's a great teacher, but thank goodness Gretchen is a quick learner...for my part, I appear knowledgeable of what he is saying and nod a lot. I was a little preoccupied w/ going through the lists in my head as to what I needed to get from home for the soldered charm workshop that would be happening that evening at the shop.

On to the workshop I hustled. Tawnya had made the best cupcakes ever for the participants, cherry and Oreo cookie cupcakes...she is going to have the best cupcake emporium ever (I will do a post on that soon)!! It was a good night. These gals were quick learners and dived right in! The soldered charms were all different sizes and styles. We also tried our hand at stamping metal for their embellishment I said, these gals were talented! So a big thanks goes out to Becky and Jenny from Cedar Falls, Ann from Greenfield, Ginny and Anna from Ames, Andi from Ames and Marcia and Anna from Ames (I know... a lot of Anna's this night)...and of coarse, Penny our resident solder queen, who makes it all possible!

The rest of the week settled a bit from Wednesday, but just a bit, as the shop moves through junk at a quick clip. We are gearing up for our next workshop at the end of the month (April 29th) ~ Button Bracelet workshop led by local artist, Mari'l Moses. Call the shop for more information. This is a new workshop for us. We have been having a ball w/ all of our old buttons...sorting them into glass jam jars, making button bouquets out of, why not beautiful bracelets. This workshop is only $35.00, and I can see it becoming a favorite!

May will bring w/ it the start of Tuesday Night Markets in Gilbert. Every Tuesday night from 4-7pm May through October is a chance for all of you budding entrepreneurs to get your feet wet and come sell your wares at the Market. It only costs $5.00 per night to set up a small booth in front of JB Knacker (or the side yard) or Left Bank Studio. JB Knacker will also be hosting "Open Craft Night" inside the shop from 6-8pm on every Tuesday night. This allows creative types to have a place to sit and work on projects w/ other like-minded crafters. There is no fee, just come & create. All-in-all, we are hoping to create a bit of community on Tuesday evenings in Gilbert. As always, the Open Flame is serving their $1.50 burgers that night. Call the shop or email me w/ any questions about Tuesday Night Market or Open Craft Night.

Thanks for reading the ramblings of 40-something shop keeper. Hope to see you soon (just in...old trellis, wire shopping carts, old shutters, more ironstone...)!

~ Brenda


Katie said...

The Tuesday nights sound like a lot of fun!!!

Old Crow Farm said...

I seriously think I missed this post for an entire week!! Love the Tuesday Markets, sounds like so much fun!! Hope your enjoying this wonderful weather!! Keep thinking we should get together for dinner again, but never finding know how that goes:) Take Care, Jordana

Kris said...

Wow! That is alot of happenings! The Tuesday nights sound fun -- too bad it is the eternal Presbyterian meeting night, so I never get out. :( Kris

Anita said...

I think I might have to make a road trip on a Tuesday....

Barntiques said...

Tuesday nite is a great idea. Any nite is fun with you and your creativity. I need to get up there and see Cecelia (oops! and of course the shop!) Love the excitement!

Barntiques said...

I have to keep coming back to have Cecelia brighten up my day. She is so beautiful, as are all of your kids. But, her eyes and smile really lite up my day. Bring her down so she can lock us out of your car soon!

JB Knacker said...

I hate to even let you know this...but she locked me out again. Absolutely no fault of my own! Everything turned out fine, but why am I not learning this lesson: do not let a 1 yr old roam free in the van w/ keys still in said van while mom turns to grab one more piece of junk to load in the van.