Thursday, September 23, 2010

Junk Bonanza ~ JB returns from the JB

Just a few pics of the JB Knacker booth at the Bonanza!  I wasn't sure it would come together, but at the eleventh hour shop girl, Kate and I pulled it off.  When I look at the whole booth from a distance...possibly could have used a better backdrop.  But hauling in one more big thing was not in the cards as the rain came down in buckets and the thunder roared on set-up night.

Once again the Bonanza was run professionally and smoothly by all of those involved.  The crowds were great, the vendors sweet and the prices fair to say the least!  The display in the booths was was soooo good!  Thank you to all of the friendly faces from Iowa...and I mean ALL of you because Iowa had a great showing!

No time to rest as JB Knacker will be host to a little flea market out in our side yard on Saturday, October 2nd from 8am - noon during Gilbert's Harvest Fest.  We will remain open 'til 3pm on that day...I need a little time to spiff up for my 25th class reunion that least time to clean the dirt out from under my fingernails and put on a pair of jeans without paint on them!


heididh33 said...

The JB set up at the JB was great!! Rusty wasn't impressed that my favorite finds from the day were from your booth though..... to quote him, "We drove all the way there for that? You could have done that down here." Thanks again for the great finds! :)

Funky Junk Antique Show said...

Loved your booth! It was my first Junk Bonanza, but not my last...such, such fun!!

Mary Perry said...

Brenda, loved the flea market, and spent too much, but.......... Everything has a place, or soon will have. Can't believe it took me so long to get in to see the store, and now I can't seem to stay away. I have the ironing board up on my blog. I have to cut another P, that one is too small....and driving me crazy.