Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Vintage Christmas Celebration Next Weekend...But First, a Sale

Get to the shop this Friday and Saturday as everything will be 20% off ~ I mean everything!  At JB Knacker, we are preparing for the big turn-over of the shop as the beautiful new season of Christmas is upon us.  A Vintage Christmas Celebration at the shop is very close.  We will be closing the shop on Thursday, Nov. 4th and during the day on Friday, Nov. 5th to whoosh the old place into a shimmery winter woodland.

First snowfall of 2009
The shop doors will be flung open on Friday, Nov. 5th at 6pm sharp.  Beautiful music, divine desserts and  sweet wine will flow on this evening until 9pm.  It will be the BEST time to view JB Knacker's unique twist on this season's decorating.

The joy and fun continues on Saturday, Nov. 6th from 10am - 5pm and Sunday, Nov, 7th from noon - 4pm!  Warm beverages and homemade desserts will greet you at the door.

Are any of us really fans of a fast-paced, commercialized Christmas?  At the shop, we hope to emulate the goodness of nature at this time of the year and promote vintage well-loved pieces that inspire you to decorate affordably, organically and simply.  With the end result being a slow -down of this beautiful season so you can enjoy the small wonders: a snow day w/ the kids flying down the hills on a sled, a cookie session w/ the nieces and nephews or an afternoon at the care center helping w/ a craft (all things I hope to accomplish this year!).

Let's talk repurposed, hand-made and salvaged...not made in China, totally unique and reusable throughout the year...that is what JB Knacker fearlessly promotes in our gifts, furniture and vintage pieces.  This year, there will be an abundance of journals, jewelry, scarves, ephemeral decorations and salvage.

 We have our work cut out for us, but we are happy to do it!  This is an exciting and beautiful time of the year and we look forward to sharing it with you...


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Anita said...

I am hoping for the same kind of Christmas...simplified and homemade and not so rushed...