Wednesday, December 14, 2011

'Twas the week before Christmas

We're having fun at the shop on these days leading up to Christmas!  I don't believe it's ever looked better.  We decided that this is the time we really need to look our Christmas best, so we continue to gather all the vintage baubles and finery to embellish the place.  I really dislike going into a store this time of year and looking at skimpy displays...depressing!  So head over to the shop and have a cup of coffee and take your time winding through the downstairs, porch, upstairs and finally the old kitchen...there's a lot to see!  Please check on JB Knacker's Facebook page for specials especially the after-Christmas sale (one day only) on Monday, Dec. 26th from 9am-5pm...all vintage Christmas 50% off!
Still have a few of these wonderful little 1940's Christmas pendants at the shop ~ $10 each and will ship!

Hours leading up to Christmas:

**open Tues-Fri 1-6pm this week; open 10am-1'ish pm on Saturday, Christmas Eve (just call 233-2600 after 1pm to see if we're still there)

**open Monday, Dec. 26th from 9am-5pm for the JB Knacker vintage Christmas sale (50% off all Christmas for one day only!)
**open Tues-Fri 1-6pm & Sat (New Year's Eve) 10am-3pm the week after Christmas

**open every Saturday in January 10am-5pm (not open weekdays in January)...each and every Saturday has a different theme and fun specials!

still praying for a white Christmas

                                                                             Have a blessed Christmas,

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