Thursday, January 5, 2012

Soup Saturday ~ 10am-5pm Jan.7th

cozy hot soup pic from
It's January...and what a weird weather January it's been.  I know most of you are like, " snow!"  But I spent my younger years in Maine and northern Minnesota and well, I miss the snow!  Most retailers have been ecstatic w/ this weather as well.  But do you have a proper Soup Saturday at the shop when it's a mild 56 degrees outside on January 7th?!

last winter looking toward the barn
You just do!  Since I have spent the rest of my years here in Iowa, I have learned to adapt to whatever is thrown my's the Midwestern attitude!  So....Soup Saturday at the shop it is!  We will open the shop doors at 10am w/ a whole new look for the shop!  Cheese soup, potato soup and chicken soup w/ rice will be served from real cups and bowls...yummy!!  Joan and I have flipped the shop to a very different look.  Reds & pinks with whites & blues are mixed in the front room w/ lots of sparkly glass, tarnished and some polished (really?!) silver...lots of ironstone and white pottery and a good dose of industrial goodness round it out.  The next room is fun: a whole wall as a chalkboard w/ a funky industrial map case as your coffee table.  A parts bin lines one wall w/ an enchanting garden scene on the brick portion of that room.  A good functional Martha Stewart meets galvanized  potting area on the enclosed porch!  And the upstairs...well, I can't brag about it 'til we finish it...lots of lockers, mirrors and vintage clothing and such to wet your appetite!

We are open 'til 5pm on this Saturday.  There will be a good $1 bin/tub and mark-downs on lots of good stuff around the shop.  I promise pictures tonight!



Tricia @ Vintage No. 35 said...

Wish I could come up but going to an auction :)!!! Have a great day!

JB Knacker said...

Have fun at the auction...should be good weather for it (if you're outside, that is). Keep checking back for Saturday updates, and hopefully one of these Saturdays I'll see you!