Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hen Pecked Winner

OK...kind of stole that title from one of the lovely comments left on the blog.  There is a pecking order among groups of chickens, and Crumb (white feathers and larger than the rest) is certainly the top of that order.  So, she picked the giveaway winner and then ran around frantically w/ the piece of paper in her beak while Fleur, Roweena and Buckbeak followed.  My husband finally got the little piece of paper back and it said....Mara from Mara's Market...congats!  Send me an email, Mara, and we'll get your package to Wisconsin ASAP!!  And a huge thank you to all 19 of you who entered.  I enjoyed reading your comments and promise to get to each and everyone's blogs (if you have one).  Have a great rest of the weekend!  



mara's market said...

thank you, thank you, thank you!!! how lucky am i to win and from one of my favorite shops owned by one of the nicest persons ever. lucky me :)
thanks, mara.

Farmgirl Chaos said...

Congrats to Mara!

Brenda...wondering if you have an idea of who the vendors will be located around your store specifically?