Friday, June 1, 2012

Junkin' in June...the Big Event

                                                  Junkin' in June
                           Friday, June 29th & Saturday, June 30th
                                 9am to 5pm both days
What is it?
Junkin' in June is Central Iowa's junk jaunt.  It began several years ago as an event at JB Knacker called The Breakfast ClubI had decided to reward my customers...we would open early and serve fruit, muffins and juice and do a bit of a discount in the shop for a couple of hours in the am.  I would flip the place and bring in tons of new old vintage.  And another big draw would be to have maps to all of the area barn sales!  It just kind of grew from there.

Where we stand today.

It's now a 2 day event (both Friday and Saturday) and involves about 6 brick & mortar shops (shops that have an actual storefront and open w/a regular schedule) and about 9 barns, chicken coops, sheds, country tents also referred to as occasional sales.  We have a Facebook page, event postcards, and a concerted effort to make this a great junk you will talk about (in a good way) and look forward to for the next year!!


What to expect at JB Knacker.
We will open at 9am sharp both days.  JB Knacker will be twirled w/ great new old vintage finds throughout!   We will also be host to a yard full of wonderful vendors!  A vintage camper or two will grace our side yard as the vendors will be peddling their vintage wares straight from the!  Everything from vintage, antique, junk, farm primitives, vintage and vintage-inspired jewelry, fresh produce, pretty flower bouquets, cupcakes, cookies and refreshing drinks will be waiting for you both days at JB Knacker.  We will have maps to all of the area shops, barns, chicken coops, sheds, etc. on the junk jaunt!  Food vendors will be available in the side yard and just down the street near another fun little Gilbert shop, Stellas.   Details are still being worked out: Will we have a discount on that weekend?  Will we serve a light breakfast or have the local fire station take charge of that one?  Will we have a couple of fun give-aways at the end of each day?

My goal...
for the month of June is to post on this blog almost every day, showcasing the Junkin' in June event, the vendors and giving updates on the details (see above).  That is a huge challenge for me!  I have loved blogging in the past, but have gotten away from it thinking maybe it's importance had waned.  I have to tell you, I was so very proud of myself for figuring this blog "thing" out.  Then Facebook came along and grudgingly, I jumped aboard that social network platform.  Yes, it is easier and quicker, but I have missed blogging.  I am wordy.  I love checking out others blogs.  So, I am back.  And look forward to getting back to what I once really enjoyed...sharing w/ fellow shop owners, customers and those that enjoy vintage and/or a good shopping event.  I would love to hear from any of you about what you would like to see on this owner talk, vintage/junk talk, juggling it all talk...would love to know. As a bit of an enticement, I will be drawing a name from any comments left to receive a fun JB Knacker give-away.  I will be sharing that tomorrow and will keep the give-away open 'til next Friday (June 8th)!



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DaisySue.... said...

Yipee, excited for Junkin' in June- I will be there with my JuNk KeY JeWeLs and my sister's fabulous wire jewelry!