Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pacing Myself

The pace of July...it's slow and easy.  And well, to be truthful...that's how it's been at the shop...slow and easy. If there were one month that I would think about closing the doors on the shop...July would be the one.  It's summer vacation time, it's road-work/detour time, it's hot & muggy...it's July!  I'm not complaining...just honestly thinking. I have found by experience that if you create fun events...they will come.  But I have also learned from experience that you can EVENT people out!  And you can event yourself and your family members out.

Slow and easy can be good.  It allows thoughtful contemplation and a break from the "high" of retail. It allowed me to heal from a surgery and has pointed me in the path of prayer again.

The hustle & bustle of retail will return along w/ the decisions to do this show or have this workshop or plan this event.  I have one more week of July...and I'm going to enjoy it...quietly.


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Tricia @ Vintage No. 35 said...

I agree! Slow down when it is slow to enjoy time to yourself and your family.