Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Goodbye January...

We're approaching the last Saturday in January and it's somewhat bittersweet.  These "Saturdays only" in January have been fun and allowed me a wonderful break during the week (sort of).  But I think most Iowans and most from the Midwest welcome February w/ open arms.  The winter is long in these parts, and we all crave more sunshine and mother nature and father time (remember the song from Charlotte's Web...) keep rolling on.

Made a fun road trip this week and loaded up the vehicle w/ the good stuff (globes, wire, mirrors, old jars w/ zinc lids, cool diamond-paned windows, metal totes and funky metal drafting stools).  The little one was wedged between all of this but happily slept the whole way home (was a wild thing while I was searching, though).

Hope you can all make it out this Saturday, January 29th 10am - 5pm.  I do know the free bin will be spilling over...lots of fun free stuff has gone home w/ many a customer this past month.  Their biggest question, "Are you sure this is free?"  Sometimes it's just time to let "it" go and that's how I feel about the cool old stuff in the "free bin."  I'm thinking about having a lace and linen bin as well.  I will never get all of the wonderful fabrics, clothing and bits of beautiful lace I have collected over the years washed, starched or this will be a fun bin to go may just be a $1 an item!

The upstairs room is getting put back together as a paper and ephemera room...think button and paper flowers, ephemera collections, trinket bags, funky twine and notion tags ~ you'll just have to come and's all in the details! 

 And with February beginning next Tuesday (also the return of our regular hours at JB Knacker), stay-tuned for a festive event that I've been dreaming up...

                                                                                                    ~ Brenda


Barntiques said...

Hooray for the end of January! Hope you have a great sale Saturday. Sounds like you got some real goodies today! Can't wait for SpRiNg!

Nancy said...

I recently moved to Ames and I just heard about your store today from a co-worker. I can't wait to visit!