Thursday, January 13, 2011

This Saturday at JB Knacker

January is flying you all feel that way, too?  This Saturday (Jan. 15th) is just a couple of days away and yes, I am scrambling, juggling and flipping as fast as I can.  Many big pieces have left the shop during the last 2 Saturdays and tons of smalls as well!  But never fear, there is always more to be found, dusted off and placed in just the right spot.  Three wooden bookshelves have found there way into the old shop in the last couple of days as well as a dainty painted coffee table and an old radio cabinet that would make the best wine/liquor cabinet.  Another wonderful iron bed painted chippy white and maybe just maybe, a beauty of a 7ft harvest table will make it's way to the shop before Saturday?!  Lots of fun new old books w/ great colors, titles and probably darn good reads, too (if you're into that).  I'm unpacking fun little stuff as we speak...ironstone, silver platters, linens and creating wall hooks by combining painted old wood pieces with vintage wire hooks.  Also hoping I can recruit the college age son and his friends to move the monster cupboard in the front room to its new location and change up the feel of that old general store room a bit. 

Fresh, fun and feisty are the key words for this Saturday at the shop...would love to have you check us out!  Open Saturday, January 15th from 10am - 5pm...always fun, unexpected specials/sales throughout the shop on these Saturdays in January!  Stay tuned for thoughts & sales for the last 2 Saturdays of this month!  
                                                                                                   ~ Brenda


Mary Perry said...

Hope to see you on Sat. Brenda. I have been having some withdrawals.

kenziebr said...

Brenda, Do you have any soldered charm workshops coming up soon??? thanks

Barntiques said...

Me too Mary Perry! Me too! My house is small, but the walls seem to be getting closer. Need to get out and do some junkin and there's no better place than JB Knacker! Hope the sale was great!

JB Knacker said...

You guys are the best! Saturdays in January have been really fun! This Saturday(22nd)will be no exception...think vibrant, spunky and yummy (treats from Tawnya's cupcake emporium)!!

The next soldered charm workshop will be early February so sweetheart charms can be created...stay tuned!