Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Life is Precious

This Saturday is fast approaching and because it falls on January 22nd, the anniversary of Roe vs Wade, we will be celebrating Life at the shop on this day.  We will also be donating 20% of what gets put into the old cash register on this day to Birthright of Ames, whose mission statement goes something like this..."It is the right of every pregnant woman to give birth and it is the right of every baby to be born."  Birthright has been a leader in this community in positive outreach to women who find themselves pregnant and scared....emotional encouragement and supportive counseling as well as tangible items such as maternity clothing, infant and toddler clothing and supplies are readily available.  I am so proud of the work these volunteers do on a daily basis and want to help support their outreach.  I hope you do too!  This is a day to be thankful for our mothers and fathers who said "yes" to Life

Update:  thank you to all of the wonderful people that made their way to the shop on Saturday...$176.00 was raised to help Birthright of Ames!
To make this day extra special, Tawnya from The Cupcake Emporium in Ames will be whipping up some yummy treats for all to enjoy and liquid refreshments will be on hand to wash all that goodness down.
New vintage items are making their way to the shop all week...cool metal locker units, more funky metal street signs and oh so functional, yet stylish metal work stools (a theme of metal?).  A new look for our windows will be unveiled as well (think paper, old photos and pops of color). 

Come and celebrate Life w/ JB Knacker...it's a wonderful thing!

       Shop hours on Saturday, January 22nd ~ 10am - 5pm



Barntiques said...

Life truely is precious and what a great project. My mom was not supposed to have any more children, but she got pregnant with little old me. She went against her docs and was on alot of bedrest. My mom really is my hero because she cherished a precious life. See ya on Saturday! 143

JB Knacker said...

You are precious, Kay. Thank you for the beautiful comment!